Kou Research Group‚Äč

Graduate Students:

Aaron Pan, B.S.

  • Email Address: apan015 AT ucr.edu
  • Past Experience: Ecolab, 3M, Measurement Technology Laboratories, Best Buy Corporate
  • Hobbies: gaming, music, puzzles/riddles (despite being really bad at them), anime/manga
  • Favorite Quote: "Sure, I'll be right there. Just give me like five...ten...forty minutes."
  • Favorite Shows: Archer, Bob's Burgers, Friends, Doctor Who, Running Man
  • Biography: B.S. University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2016

Manuel Larach, B.S.

  • Email Address: mlara032 AT ucr.edu
  • Past Experience: Kurth Lab, UCD -- Synthesis of 2H-Indazoles and p-formylazobenzenes
  • Biography: Manuel Larach, aka Manny, was born and raised in El Salvador. He obtained a B.S in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, Davis. There, he spent one and a half years working in the Kurth lab on the synthesis of heterocycles and azo acyl hydrazones. He is currently working on the synthesis of natural products and aspires to work in industry on the synthesis of molecules with biological properties. Likes to eat, sleep, watch Netflix and soccer games.

Robert Crowley III, B.S.

  • Email Address: rcrow002 AT ucr.edu

Roni Manasi, B.S.

  • Email Address: rmana013 AT ucr.edu

Yujie Cao, B.Eng.

  • Email Address: ycao086@ucr.edu
  • Past Experience: B.Eng. Shanghai Institute of Technology

Justin DeBow, B.S.

  • Email Address: jdebo006 AT ucr DOT edu
  • Past Experience: Baxter Lab, UC Merced
  • Biography: Justin was born in Riverside, CA but relocated to central California for his B.S. in chemistry from UC Merced. There he explored electrochemistry in the Baxter lab and is interested in applying it to natural products synthesis at UCR. Outside of the lab, he likes going to the gym, taking his dog on beach trips, and MMA.

Berkley Lujan, B.S.

  • Email Address: bluja003 AT ucr DOT edu

Justin Yang

Sarosh Abraham, B.S.

  • Email Address: sabra023 AT ucr DOT edu

Lorraine Rangel, B.S.

  • Email Address: lrang004 AT ucr DOT edu

Undergraduate Students:

Shayne Cruz

  • Email Address: scruz051 AT ucr DOT edu

Justin Perry

  • Email Address:  jperr027 AT ucr DOT edu

Arnav Kacker

Lina Mai

Ethan Miller

  • Email Address: emill047 AT ucr DOT edu 

Emmari Pureza

  • Email Address: epure001 AT ucr DOT edu

Crystal Vega

Eva Chen

  • Email Address: eva.y.chen AT email DOT ucr DOT edu

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